Known for her ability to create interiors and spaces with understated sophistication that are sleek yet inviting through interior renovations, Valerie Pasquiou, is influenced from her European upbringing and worldwide travels when designing.
Whether residential or commercial, she has a natural instinct to understand her client’s needs and lifestyle to create the right space for them to live and yet be inspired by their surroundings, environment and architecture.

Upon moving to LA from her native France, she began working as a set designer on commercials and music videos, which led to working with actors and musicians on the interiors of their homes. Her enjoyment of being able to tell an individual story through creating home interiors led her to choose interior architecture and design as her career.

Having grown up in Europe, she has an appreciation of modern and older building structures , clean lines and antiques, pure and organic materials juxtaposition and is able to balance them in her interiors with sleek touches, creating elegant spaces but with an edge, and always comfortable. Proof of that is in her wonderful way of combining different eras of furniture and art, striving to create a space that is timeless and warm.

Now based in New York with a studio in Paris as well, she continues her design work for prominent figures in the arts, business and entertainment industry, as well as restaurants and luxury retail and creative spaces in NY, Miami, London, Paris… New York has given her exposure to outstanding artists that allow her to create custom made pieces for her clientele, furthering her ability to truly create a uniquely designed interior that reflects the story of each client.

Valerie’s capability to get to know her clients on a personable level and including them in the design process, ensures that elements incorporated into the completed project are reflective of them and are not artificial or overly polished. The diversity of her portfolio exemplifies how well she collaborates with each client. Her celebrated distinctive work has been featured in many domestic and international publications including Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, Interior Design and Home and Garden, which named her one of “The 100 Best Designers in the U.S.”


Ask someone what they remember seeing at a store, restaurant, or office they’ll probably mention the biggest, the brightest, or the loudest things. Personality and essence are expressed in physical surroundings and have the power to entertain, educate and entice. Ask them what they felt and you’ll get a much different and more nuance answer. Because the environmental experience affects people on a subconscious and indirect level, it is also the most convincing and memorable determinant in building brand perceptions. Design, architecture, graphics, layout of the physical space, sound and smells all quietly but forcibly influence and reinforce experience and perceptions.

Our environment design partners are specialists in translating branding messages into three-dimensional forms and spaces, with backgrounds in urban development, retail design, trade exhibits, signing systems and theme environments. Whether developing an urban region to attract trade and tourism, or creating retail concepts that are consistent with merchandising strategies, we produce memorable sensory experiences that animate a brand’s personality while expanding its communicative power and range.